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"Subterranea - Alice in Wonderland”
The quintessence of the story and of my personal work is: Nothing is like it seems at the first look. Behind things, under the surface, lurks or often hides something completely different.
I admire the ingenuity and imagination of Lewis Carroll. They are important stimulants also for my work. Mysterious stories, strange encounters, ambiguous and black humor can be found in my pictures.
I think the idea of linking the mine as an event location with the rabbit building from “Alice in Wonderland” is awesome. However, I am still working on the final answer to this challenge..

CV biography
1959 born in Eggenburg / Lower Austria
1979-84 Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Prof. Max Weiler and Prof. Arnulf Rainer)
1999 Foundation of the artist group ”Die halbe Wahrheit” (the halv truth)with Götz Bury and Martin Praska
1999-2002 President of the IG Bildende Kunst (formerly the professional association of visual artists Austria, BVÖ)
since 2011 head of the painting rooms at Art for Art (decoration workshops of the Austrian Federal theater)
• 1982 Recognition award from the Lower Austrian provincial government
• 1983 Prize of the Friends of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
• 1989 Geist und Form XII, Bishop Kapellari Promotion Prize
• 1998 Bau Holding AG (STRABAG) advancement award for fine arts 1998, 1st prize
• 1990 Working grant from the Federal Ministry for Education and the Arts
• 1992 scholarship from the city of Budapest, artist exchange Vienna - Budapest.
Progetto Civitella d’Agliano, grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Art
• 1994 London Scholarship from the Federal Ministry for Education and the Arts
• 1995 work grant from the City of Vienna
• 1996 ”Romescholarship” from the Federal Ministry for Science, Transport and Art
• 2009 Chicago - Artist in Residence, AIR program of Lower Austria
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Sebastian Weissenbacher